Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Announces Early Start To Production Season With Successful Small Batch Delivery Of Spider Silk

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — December 14, 2023 — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc., the biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of spider silk, today announces the early start to the production season with the successful manufacture and delivery of the most recent batch of recombinant spider silk. Silk from this production cycle was processed into finished reeled raw silk and happily received on site by the company’s Senior management this week.

The delivery of this silk further reinforces the company’s planned production model. With this successful effort, the company is now accelerating its plans for the upcoming 2024 production season and beyond.

“I am very excited to have produced this small batch ahead of our upcoming field trials scheduled for this spring. This early production bodes very well for the pending trials, and indicates, to me, that we are well on track to meet our spider silk production targets for 2024,” said CEO and Founder Kim Thompson.

Posted: December 14, 2023

Source: Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc.