The Microfibre Consortium (TMC) And ZDHC Foundation Unite To Combat Microfiber Release

LONDON/AMSTERDAM — October 2, 2023 — The Microfibre Consortium (TMC) and ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme (ZDHC) have joined forces to release a snapshot guidance that sets out to help tackle microfiber loss in the textile industry.

Microfibers, tiny particles which are lost during the textile lifecycle, have been identified as an environmental threat. Microfibers can be of cellulosic, man-made cellulosic or synthetic origin. TMC and ZDHC have co-developed guidance aimed at empowering supply chains, brands, and retailers to take effective measures against all microfiber pollution.

“Microfiber emissions are a persistent pollutant, and a global threat to both nature and people,” said Payal Luthra, Global Apparel and Textiles lead, WWF. :But solutions exist. TMC and ZDHC are taking the lead in outlining concrete, no-regrets steps that brands and suppliers can follow today to mitigate fiber fragmentation and emissions during production. WWF urges the apparel and textile industry to follow this clear guidance, because we need immediate, coordinated action to tackle this enormous challenge to our planet’s health.”

Key features of the action plan outlined in the document include:

  • Communication and build awareness, such as sharing the guidance;
  • Reduced formation, such asrequest/research to reduce process times; and
  • Reduced emissions in effluent, such as making sure TSS is reviewed and meets ZDHC foundational wastewater requirements.

“Microfiber pollution has a proven environmental impact on water systems and ecosystems. The actions described in the guidance are all quick wins that the textile industry can implement now, there is no need to wait to take action in reducing the environmental impact of microfibers in your supply chain” said Janne Koopmans, head of Collaboration with ZDHC.

Dr. Kelly Sheridan, research director of The Microfibre Consortium, adds, “Mitigating microfibre pollution will only be possible through concerted collective action, using a portfolio of approaches. The actions we have outlined can be adopted by the supply chain today, which will have an immediate impact on protecting our environment and taking responsibility as an industry.”

The full guidance can be found on The Microfibre Consortium website and on ZDHC’s website.

Posted October 3, 2023

Source: The Microfibre Consortium