Clean Recycling Initiative™ Is Holding The 2nd Annual International Sustainability Marketing Competition (ISMC)

MONTREAL — September 13, 2023 — Montreal, Canada based non-profit organization, Clean Recycling Initiative™ will be running the second iteration of the International Sustainability Marketing Competition (ISMC) during September and October of 2023. The competition is once again open to students from prestigious universities around the world, with many students already registered.

“With the success of last year’s competition, we were excited to organize it again this year,” said Anna Belford, the Sustainable Development Specialist at Clean Recycling Initiative™.

“We have already managed to have even more participation, with 250 schools from over 55 countries already involved,” Anna continued.

“Education is one of the key elements of this competition. The participating students will have an opportunity to learn about important environmental issues originated from textile goods we use everyday and how we can effectively address it. This is the reason why we are organizing the information sessions and making it mandatory for the students to attend at least one of them”, said Sae Chang, CEO of Clean Recycling Initiative™.

“The competition has grown to become the largest one of its kind in just two years, thanks to the keen interest on the subject by the public all around the globe and the great effort made by the team of organizers, judges and ambassadors who have graciously accepted to play important roles,” Sae continued.

As Sae mentioned, multiple information sessions with the same educational contents in all of them will be conveniently scheduled for different time zones to accommodate as many students as possible. Attending at least one information session is a mandatory requirement to participate in the competition. The schedules of the information sessions as well as more information about the competition can be found at the Clean Recycling Initiative™ website ( Any students interested in participating, can register at

Posted: September 14, 2023

Source: Clean Recycling Initiative™