Hyosung Presents Certified Textile Solutions For Sustainability And Dyeable Spandex At Intertextile Shanghai

SEOUL, South Korea — August 22, 2023 — Hyosung, a complete sustainable textile solutions provider, is looking forward to returning to Intertextile Shanghai Apparel and Fabrics Fair this August 28-30 where it will introduce its latest textile innovations in its booth E103.

For the first time since COVID -19, Hyosung will once again support many of its major mill partners as co-exhibitors in its booth, which has been a longstanding Hyosung Intertextile Shanghai (ITS) tradition.

“We are happy to have 24 co-exhibitors with us at ITS this autumn — 7 from East China, 12 from South China, 5 from South Korea such as Billion Rise, Jinkai, Jinhu, Julian, and more,” said Scott Park, Hyosung Chinese marketing director. “We’ve found it’s a fabulous benefit for apparel manufacturers to be able to see all the great fabrics made with our innovative fibre technology and we are proud to collaborate with many of our mill partners to offer this opportunity at the show.”

At ITS, Hyosung will present fabrics from global mill partners that focus on its latest innovative fiber innovations to include:

  • creora® bio-based spandex/elastane: USDA and SGS-certified spandex partly made with renewable resources, providing reduced carbon emissions compared to production of conventional spandex. According to a recent third-party LCA, the manufacture of creora bio-based spandex reduces its carbon footprint by 20 percent and decreases water use by 50 precent as compared to the production of conventional spandex.
  • regen ocean nylon: GRS-certified, 100-percent recycled nylon made from discarded fishing nets and other reclaimed nylon waste. Hyosung conducts an extensive collection, chemical recycling, and creation process to produce exceptional-quality yarn that meets brands’ performance expectations and contributes to their corporate sustainability goals. Third party LCA data shows that the manufacture of 1 kg regen ocean post-consumer recycled nylon made with discarded fishing nets reduces CO2 emissions by 73 percent, fossil resource use by 75 percent, and water consumption by 98 percent compared to the manufacture of 1 kilogram of conventional nylon.
  • creora Color+ spandex/elastane: a special acid/reactive dyeable spandex called creora Color+ spandex, which will also be emphasized at the show. Hyosung creora Color+ has the same performance stretch characteristics as its flagship fiber, creora PowerFit, with the added benefit of providing long-lasting richer colors in nylon and natural fiber blends, which are popular among leading intimate, activewear and ready-to-wear brands.

“There’s been an increase in consumer desire for more color variety in comfort apparel,” Park said. “As regular spandex does not take color well, it’s a challenge to achieve all-over, rich color when dyeing it with nylon and natural fibers. With creora Color+ spandex, brands can now offer consumers fashionable, colorful apparel without ever having to worry about the dreaded grin-through.”

According to Messe Frankfurt, producers of Intertextile Shanghai, over 67 000 industry professionals visit the trade show to meet their growing sourcing needs. Intertextile Shanghai Autumn 2023 oversees product categories with a broad range of applications, including suitings, casual wear, ladieswear, functional wear, shirtings and more.

Posted: August 22, 2023

Source: Hyosung