CovationBio And Primient Host Event Showcasing Environmental Benefits Of Working With Truterra To Enable Regenerative Farming 

NEWARK, Del. — June 12, 2023 — Covation Biomaterials LLC (“CovationBio”) and Primient have joined forces with Truterra, LLC (“Truterra”) to highlight how regenerative agriculture—specifically, farmed corn—is helping to reduce the environmental impact of a host of industries including fashion, homegoods, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and more. The hands-on field day took place in the heart of America’s Corn Belt in Dow City, Iowa, and was hosted by CovationBio CEO Dr. Michael Saltzberg, Primient Chief Sales Officer Chris Guild, Truterra President Tom Ryan, and Kelly Garrett, a local farmer at Garrett Land & Cattle and Co-founder of Together, they welcomed representatives of companies, distributors, and industry associations who are now looking to use corn-based materials as a more sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based options.

“This is the first time we’ve had the chance to gather our value chain partners where our bio-based production begins—literally in a corn field,” says Saltzberg. “We wanted everyone to experience the win-win that we are creating by helping to replace fossil fuel-based materials with a plant-based alternative that is not only a renewable resource, but that also is being produced in a way that helps capture carbon from the atmosphere. That type of circularity is an excellent example of how we are doing our part to fight climate change.”

Truterra, LLC, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes, Inc., was recognized in May 2023 as one of Fast Company magazine’s “World Changing Ideas” in the Energy and Sustainability category for its creative solutions to reduce carbon emissions. Primient’s sustainable agriculture program with Truterra began in 2018 and currently includes over 1.2 million acres of sustainably grown row crops in the U.S. Midwest. CovationBio, the global leader in innovative bio-based material solutions, announced its work with Truterra through the Primient program in September 2022. Through the program, farmers can effectively measure the impact of their efforts to protect the environment through cutting-edge technology.

The field day showcased many of the sustainable farming practices in detail and included demonstrations to illustrate the impact of those practices. Demonstrations and a panel discussion included:

Rainfall simulation led by Pat Corey, District Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service with the United States Department of Agriculture. The simulator showed the impact regenerative practices—like no-till and cover cropping systems—have on water cycling and soil preservation and how they help crops better withstand limited and excessive rainfall.

Responsible farming demo by farmer and Co-founder Kelly Garrett, who evolved his sixth-generation family farm from a conventional corn-and-soybean farm to a diversified, regenerative grain and livestock operation focused on soil health, zero waste and premium products.

Tractor and planter demo for no-till planting led by Co-founder Matt Miles and farmer Temple Rhodes offering a hands-on look at how planting equipment must change when soil is no longer prepared for planting through conventional tillage methods.

Dissection of a corn plant led by Brad Morrison Director of Global Raw Material Procurement and Trading at Primient. This demo examined the anatomy of a corn plant and kernel, the adaptability of this crop, and the unique role it plays in the U.S. bioeconomy. American Midwestern-grown corn is versatile, and used to produce food, animal feed, industrial products, and fermentation products and byproducts.

XtremeAg Panel Discussion with farmers Garrett, Miles, and Rhodes who shared their regenerative agriculture trials and triumphs. They discussed the regional differences, environmental factors, and costs for operating a regenerative farm. Moderated by Damian Mason, host of The Business of Agriculture podcast.

CovationBio is the producer of 100 percent bio-based 1,3 propanediol (PDO) derived from U.S. grown dent corn. By using nature as a source, CovationBio transforms plants into building blocks designed to improve product performance across a range of industries—37 percent bio-based Sorona® polymer, as well as 100 percent bio-based Susterra® propanediol and Zemea® propanediol.

Sorona® polymer is a partially bio-based solution for high-performance apparel (outerwear, suiting, workwear, athleisure, activewear, insulation, faux fur, and more) as well as soft, durable carpeting.

100 percent bio-based Susterra® propanediol brings sustainability and performance to footwear, outdoor gear, apparel, and industrial applications like functional fluids, coatings, inks, and more.

Zemea® propanediol is a natural, 100 percent plant-based alternative to petroleum-based glycols for formulators who desire a multifunctional and innovative ingredient that delivers a balance of high-performance and sustainability in a variety of consumer applications including cosmetics and personal care, food and flavors, pharmaceuticals, and laundry and household cleaners. It answers consumer demand for safe, pure, skin-friendly products.

“Truterra was thrilled to help bring this event to life, where attendees saw first hand how we’re bridging the gap between farmers and companies with sustainability goals who choose agriculture to be a part of their toolkit of solutions,” said Ryan. “I look forward to our continued work together to advance supply chain sustainability and scale on-farm practice change.”

Posted: June 12, 2023

Source Covation Biomaterials LLC