Sudamericana De Fibras Announces Innovative, Eco-Friendly Product Line

CALLAO, Peru — February 6, 2023 —Sudamericana de Fibras (SDF), the leading producer of dry-spun acrylic fibers, is pleased to introduce Drytex Cycle®. This product group contains up to 50-percet post-industrial content, earning the Recycled Blended Claim Standard.

In making this announcement, Elías Bugosen, SDF chief commercial officer, stated: “We are pleased to have made a technological breakthrough in the world of ecologically-sustainable fibers. With Drytex Cycle, we have both a technical success and a product certain to be in demand by consumers and brands, who are increasingly concerned with the health of the planet.”

Drytex Cycle utilizes novel technology in the world of acrylic fibers. In this proprietary process, industrial material that would otherwise have become waste is recovered, washed, and converted back into staple fibre or top. The products are available immediately in ecru for production.

In addition to the elimination of waste, Drytex Cycle also yields impressive savings in energy usage, water consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions relative to traditional virgin raw materials. Bugosen noted, “The combination of all these factors is good for our fragile planet. We are proud to have been granted the Recycled Blended Claim Standard to verify these claims to brands and consumers.”

Other certifications of the plant include Oeko-Tex Standard 100®, ISO 9001, BASC, AEO, and “A Great Place To Work.” All certificates are available for review.

Drytex dry-spun acrylic fibers are distinguished by their rapid drying time, UV protective qualities, cotton-like hand, thermal properties, and resistance to pilling. The fibers perform well in spinning, nonwoven processes, dyeing, and colorfastness. Drytex Cycle possesses all the beneficial qualities of Drytex virgin fibers.

Sudamericana de Fibras has operated for over 50 years in Perú’s free-trade zone, and is a division of Grupo Rassmuss, a diversified private corporation. Fibers are supplied to nearly 300 customers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Posted February 7, 2023

Source: Sudamericana De Fibras