Indorama Ventures’ Deja™ Brand Recognized As ‘Best Sustainable Product’ At The Chemical Week Sustainability Awards

BANGKOK, Thailand — November 18, 2022 — Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd. (IVL), a global sustainable chemical company, has been named winner of the Best Sustainable Product Award at the Chemical Week Sustainability Awards 2022. The award was for IVL’s Deja™ Carbon Neutral pellets, the world’s first carbon-neutral virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins, helping to reduce environmental impact.

Sanjay Ahuja, executive president of Combined PET at Indorama Ventures, said: “This recognition by Chemical Week marks another milestone in IVL’s sustainability journey. This award recognizes our team as they continue to achieve our vision of being a world-class sustainable chemical company making great products for society.”

The Deja brand covers carbon neutral virgin and recycled PET resins and a range of recycled PET (rPET) products, including flakes, resins, fibers, and yarns. It provides IVL’s global customers with a range of high-performance applications, including packaging, lifestyle, automotive, apparel, and medical equipment. The solutions help environmentally conscious companies meet their sustainability goals.

IVL has set ambitious 2025 and 2030 targets, which shall be met through its six-pronged decarbonization strategy, including energy transition, improving operational efficiency, circular feedstock, and future technologies. The company also has a goal to recycle 100 billion PET bottles annually by 2030.

“We are proud to have introduced the world’s first certified carbon-neutral virgin PET pellets. Sustainable innovation is the key to our success, and we are already realizing the environmental and economic benefits of PET circularity while meeting our decarbonization targets. Deja supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals of promoting a sustainable, greener circular economy.” Mr. Ahuja added.

Chemical Week Sustainability Awards recognize the industry’s best efforts in addressing financial, operational, and strategic challenges by focusing on ESG and sustainable product development. The awards were assessed by S&P Global, the world’s leading credit rating agency, and a panel of experts from various companies across the chemical industry’s value chain.

Posted: November 18, 2022

Source: Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL)