Cotton Merchant Reinhart Offers Organic Cotton Marked And Traceable Thanks To Haelixa

ZURICH — May 10, 2022 — Traceability is not only becoming a crucial product feature creating value for brands and manufacturers, but also for players right at the beginning of the supply chain: leading international cotton trader Reinhart offers now for the first time together with Alliance Ginneries traceable GOTS compliant cotton from Tanzania using the DNA-based traceability solution from Haelixa. The solution brings security and transparency to the spinning mill customers and their retail clients.

In this context it was important for Reinhart that the Haelixa marker is not only harmless for humans and the environment, but also GMO-free, OekoTex Standard 100 compliant and most importantly GOTS certified. Haelixa develops a unique marker for Reinhart that is then applied directly at the gin in Tanzania with the customized automated sprayer developed by Haelixa.

Spinning mills have from this week onwards the unique opportunity to buy this marked cotton from Reinhart. Traceability will be guaranteed through testing the final garment or any intermediate product to authenticate the marked organic cotton from Tanzania. A mill can buy the traceability package directly from Haelixa, which means a defined number of traceability tests will be done with the products in the Haelixa labs. Haelixa will ask the mill or the brand to send in samples to verify traceability. After each test a certificate is issued that confirms traceability of the product back to the region of Mwanza, Tanzania. Mills and brands also have the opportunity to use the “Marked & Traced by Haelixa” label to communicate the commitment to transparency through traceability to their customers.

Marco Bänninger, head trader at Reinhart, said: “Again and again we hear from our supply chain partners and especially from retailers that it is becoming more and more important to know exactly where the cotton comes from. Furthermore, they want to be sure that they are guaranteed to get the cotton for which they are paying a premium. With the Haelixa marker we would like to offer our customers an additional security.”

“We are very excited to be able to offer the first ever physically traceable organic cotton from Africa, available to be purchased by spinning mills via Reinhart. Traceability of the raw material will increase the visibility of organic cotton farmed in Africa. It is a first step towards a more significant role for the growers in the textile value chain” commented Gediminas Mikutis, CTO and co-founder of Haelixa.

Posted: May 10, 2022

Source: Haelixa AG