Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Receives Equipment For Onsite Testing And Screening Of Transgenic Technology At Prodigy Textiles

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — January 4, 2022 — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc., the biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of spider silk, announces it has taken delivery of key lab equipment to Prodigy Textiles, the company’s Vietnam based subsidiary, to support onsite testing and screening of spider silk transgenic technologies.

Over the next few weeks, the company’s U.S.-based research team will work closely with the Prodigy team to complete equipment installation and conduct training. Once online, this equipment will allow for the complete transfer of all genetic screening and selection testing, for production operations, to Prodigy’s onsite lab.

The significance of this advancement in the company’s production operation cannot be overstated. Previously all genetic testing was limited to Kraig Labs US R&D headquarters. COVID-related transportation and shipping restrictions over the last 24 months have meant that critical testing was delayed and, in some cases, not possible. This, in turn, forced the company to lower its output at Prodigy to ensure production quality. With onsite process screening, Prodigy will be able to safely and effectively scale up operations and take full advantage of Prodigy’s new facilities. The goal is to run at maximum facility capacity consistently.

Implementing in-process quality testing is yet another example of the company’s efforts to build a completely autonomous production operation at Prodigy Textiles. The company believes that, in blending the most advanced technologies available with the rich history of silk production in Vietnam, it is building an advanced scalable system for large-scale recombinant spider silk production.

“Once online, this equipment will allow our production team to floor the gas pedal on production,” said COO Jon Rice. “Travel and shipping delays in 2020 and 2021 demonstrated that Prodigy needed to have the tools in place to stand on its own. This onsite lab is the final element of that equation. In-process testing will give our team the tools and confidence needed to run our facilities at maximum capacity in very short order.”

Posted: January 4, 2022

Source: Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.