Sunlighten And Hologenix Enhance Sauna Experience With CELLIANT-Infused Luxury Cotton Accessories And Heater Covers

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — September 17, 2021 — Infrared light helps the human body naturally, and people are looking to harness the benefits everywhere they can. Infrared isn’t just a trend, it’s becoming an important wellness tool, helping people feel better through myriad health benefits, including heart health, circulation, detoxification, anti-aging, longevity, immunity and muscle recovery. Sunlighten®, the global leader in infrared saunas and portable light therapies, has partnered with Hologenix®, the creators of CELLIANT® infrared responsive textiles found in numerous performance, recovery and sleepwear brands, to further enhance the sauna experience.

“At Sunlighten, we are continually looking to innovate, and the addition of Celliant is another step toward enhancing and extending our sauna experience,” said Aaron Zack, Sunlighten co-founder and CEO.

Fabric infused with Celliant now covers Sunlighten’s infrared heaters in all its sauna cabins to maximize every detail of infrared available. In addition, Sunlighten is introducing its new luxury cotton accessories infused with Celliant for those who want to expand the health benefits of infrared and/or enjoy a spa-like experience. The dual-purpose fabric provides added health benefits, as well as comfort, luxury, and practicality both inside and outside the sauna – it epitomizes “Plush Performance.”

The new Sunlighten Celliant-infused accessories work with the infrared heat of its saunas to amplify the benefits even more. The Sauna Linen Collection consists of a Celliant/cotton hand towel, bath towel, robe and body wrap, perfect for use in the sauna or just for every day. Celliant’s natural, ethically sourced minerals embedded into yarns transform body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy and return it to the body safely and naturally. Celliant promotes local circulation and cell oxygenation in healthy individuals while keeping the user dry and at the perfect temperature. This results in stronger performance, faster recovery and better sleep.

The only sauna company to offer branded accessories, Sunlighten’s line creates a resort feeling with spa-level luxury and is plush, densely woven and has a heavy 760-gram weight. Sauna cushion covers, sauna throw pillow covers and Solo®System SoloPad® covers will also be available soon.

“These luxurious accessories appeal to sauna customers who place a high value on maximizing their time and making the most of their investment,” said Zack. “Our Celliant-infused fabric works with the sauna’s heat and the body’s natural energy to refuel the body. No other company has more effective infrared, ensuring the infrared penetration into the body for all healing benefits. As soon as I read about Celliant technology, I knew it was perfect for our saunas and accessories.”

Hologenix Co-Founder and CEO Seth Casden said, “This is a natural partnership for us. Sunlighten infrared saunas and our Celliant infrared performance technology working in tandem to maximize health and wellness. The Celliant/cotton blend fabric is also the perfect combination of luxurious comfort and our revolutionary infrared technology.”

Posted September 17, 2021

Source: Sunlighten/Hologenix, LLC