Ascend Presenting Trinohex™ Ultra And Specialty Nylons At Battery Show North America

HOUSTON — September 14, 2021 — Ascend Performance Materials is showcasing its battery and e-mobility solutions at the Battery Show North America. With its e-range solutions, Ascend has a full portfolio of engineered plastics for battery protection and power transmission, a high-performance Trinohex™ Ultra electrolyte additive, and technical support capabilities.

The company’s Trinohex Ultra, a unique high-purity nitrile Li-ion battery additive, has shown improved battery performance and life, even in harsh temperatures and across different cathode and electrolyte chemistries. Adding Trinohex Ultra to existing battery formulations reduces harmful gas generation during formation and in use.

“We have seen incredible improvements in battery life, performance and reliability in our longterm cycling tests,” said David McNeece, Ascend’s business manager for battery chemistry. “Our additive works well with high-nickel cathodes, reducing production costs without sacrificing performance. That, coupled with improved battery reliability and capacity retention, can dramatically reduce battery system and warranty costs.”

Ascend recently won U.S. and Chinese patent disputes against Samsung SDI, making the technology more widely available in key markets.

Ascend’s Vydyne®, Starflam® and HiDura™ nylons are used extensively in electric vehicle batteries, powertrains and components to ensure safety, reliability and comfort.

“We have a strong portfolio specifically designed to protect and improve lithium-ion battery systems,” said Ian van Duijvenboode, director of Ascend’s e-mobility team. “Our customers have come to rely on that portfolio and our knowledge of the materials to overcome challenges in production and operation.”

“We have steadily grown our portfolio, our production assets and our technical resources to better serve our customers, especially in the automotive and electrical and electronics industries,” said Isaac Khalil, senior vice president for polyamides at Ascend. “We are committed to strategic growth alongside our customers and it is clear that at the heart of much of that growth is the lithium-ion battery.”

Ascend is a fully integrated producer of high-performance polymers, fibers and specialty chemicals used in automotive, electrical and electronic, consumer and industrial products globally.

The company will be at booth 1517 at the Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan, from September 14-16.

Posted September 14, 2021

Source: Ascend Performance Materials