Australian Traceability Technology FIBRETRACE® Awarded European Patent

SINGAPORE — July 29, 2021 — FIBRETRACE®, an advanced traceability technology solution for the textile industry, has been awarded a European patent issued for “Photon Marker System in Fiber Material”.

The patent — EP3538692 — represents another step forward for Fibretrace in pioneering a completely traceable and transparent era of sustainable textiles, combining physical and digital traceability with the power of authentication.

Fibretrace received its U.S. Patent — 10,247,667 B2 — issued for the “Photon Markers in Fibre Materials” on April 2 2019.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) reports that textiles are the fourth-largest cause of environmental pressure after food, housing and transport. The ever-increasing conversation around digitalization and transparency in every aspect of the textile supply chain has forced brands to recognize the need to accelerate their own development of transparent solutions to ensure they remain at the forefront of sustainability.

“It’s encouraging to see the rapid pace at which the global fashion and interiors industries are moving towards complete transparent and traceable solutions. Finalizing the European Patent for Fibretrace is recognition for the hard work, research and development of our team which provides brands and manufacturers full confidence in the origin of fibre and integrity in their claims,” said Danielle Statham, Co-Founder of Fibretrace.

Fibretrace works by embedding a natural, non-toxic, scannable luminescent pigment into any natural, man-made or synthetic fiber. Fibretrace delivers end-to-end traceability in real-time to allow for irrefutable data and storytelling that is backed by scientific evidence.

Fibretrace’s CEO, Shannon Mercer, says that Fibretrace offers reliable and trusted data that allows both brands and consumers to understand the true social and environmental impact of their products as it moves throughout the global supply chain.

“Consumers want the ability to make informed choices when it comes to their purchases. The continued growth of technology patents allows solutions like Fibretrace to offer brands real change with global impact.”
A survey conducted by Mckinsey (2020) revealed that 57 percent of UK and German consumers have already made significant changes to their lifestyles to reduce their environmental impact with 65 percent making a commitment to purchase more durable fashion items.

Posted July 29, 2021