NILIT® Announces Sponsorship Of Unique German-Israeli Sustainability Collaboration

MIGDAL HAEMK, Israel — June 15, 2021 — NILIT has announced that the company will sponsor a pioneering German-Israeli partnership to advance textile circularity. The initiative will officially launch with the Circular Textiles Business Matchmaking Showroom, organized by Re-Fresh Global, opening on 17 June at Expo Tel Aviv. The showroom kicks off a year-long exchange program between German and Israeli experts in sustainability, circularity, and textile waste management. The project is supported by the German[1]Israeli Future Forum Foundation.

“This innovative partnership aligns perfectly with NILIT’s goal to positively influence the textile and apparel industry to use more sustainable products in more responsible ways,” said Ilan Melamed, NILIT general manager. “NILIT has been recognized for improving our manufacturing footprint by increasing our use of clean energy, reducing emissions and waste, and introducing responsible new products that target specific ecological challenges. We look forward to connecting with other sustainability-minded companies to further advance our environmental initiatives.”

“Israel’s image as the Startup Nation has been key to creating tremendous impact on various industries,” said Viktoria Kanar for Re-Fresh. “It’s about time to show our excellence in sustainability and circular economy innovation. This showroom, and the German-Israeli expert exchange program it’s based on, is a first step toward developing new solutions and technologies that will create a new cleaner and circular global fashion and textile industry to benefit all humankind and the environment.”

Under its Total Product Sustainability program, NILIT manufactures the largest portfolio of sustainable premium nylon 6,6 performance and fashion fibers and yarns in the industry. The company recently launched several new products in its Sensil® consumer brand portfolio that are specifically targeted to the industry’s most pressing environmental challenges. Sensil®WaterCare eliminates 100-percent of the water used in the typical wet dyeing process and Sensil® BioCare contains technology that reduces any impact on oceans caused by microfiber shedding.

“The breakthrough ideas in sustainability and circularity require collaboration across the entire textile value chain,” continued Melamed. “At NILIT, we leverage the creativity of our employees and our vendor and customer partnerships. We are confident that this special German-Israeli exchange program will further expand our scope and help achieve dramatic improvements in our industry’s environmental footprint.”

Posted June 15, 2021

Source: Nilit