New Sensil® BioCare Improves Textile Effects On Ecosystems

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel — April 22, 2021 — NILIT, a global supplier of nylon 6,6, is proud to introduce Sensil® BioCare, a sustainable premium nylon fiber enhanced with special technology that helps lessen the persistence of textile waste in sea water and in landfills. Sensil BioCare is the newest addition to the broad Sensil portfolio of responsibly manufactured, environmentally considerate premium Nylon products that benefit the entire textile supply chain, from polymer to finished garment. NILIT has developed these products to help the textile and apparel industry address its specific environmental challenges, such as water consumption, ecosystem impact, and use of recycled content, and to respond to consumer demand for more responsible textiles.

“We designed our new Sensil BioCare to help reduce the potential impact of synthetic fabrics on the Earth’s ecosystems,” said Ilan Melamed, NILIT general manager. “We provide consumers the same performance, comfort, and durability they expect from Sensil premium Nylon along with the peace of mind that they are making a positive choice for the planet.”

Sensil BioCare features a built-in technology that is proven through an independent lab to break down Sensil BioCare fibers substantially more rapidly than conventional nylon. Tests were conducted in both landfill soil and sea water simulations to understand the potential impact of Sensil BioCare on both ecosystems. Sensil BioCare showed remarkable disintegration in both simulated environments during the test periods in comparison to nylon fiber that does not include the special technology.

Specifically, initial testing according to ASTM D6691 Standard Test Method For Determining Aerobic Biodegradation Of Plastic Materials In The Marine Environment and ASTM D5511 Standard Test Method For Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation Of Plastic Materials Under High-Solids Anaerobic-Digestion Conditions indicates that Sensil BioCare yarns will break down more rapidly than conventional nylon. These promising findings point to reduced waste accumulation in both oceans and landfills.

The special technology in Sensil BioCare will not wear or wash out nor will it interfere with other performance additives, finishes, or dyes. In addition, Sensil BioCare is responsibly manufactured according to NILIT’s Total Product Sustainability (TPS) criteria. Sensil BioCare fabrics are long-lasting while also being very soft and aesthetically rich, ensuring that conscious consumers will appreciate their apparel even more knowing that they are part of the sustainable solution.

Posted April 22, 2021

Source: NILIT