Biocrystal® Launches Fabric With Stress-Relief Performance

RIJEKA, Croatia — January 20, 2021 — An award-winning developer and provider of Biocrystal® technology, BC Tech company launches Biocrystal fabric layer, a multipurpose stress-relief layer, as much needed product upgrade for all bedding and furniture manufacturers.

Performance fabric from Biocrystal® confirmed to relieve stress

With scientifically tested and confirmed properties coming from Biocrystal powder already implemented into the fabric, the Biocrystal fabric layer announces a new era of performance fabric layers.

Being easily implemented into bedding and/or furniture products, the Biocrystal fabric layer provides to an end-customer reduced level of stress, faster relaxation, reduced muscle tension, and increased oxygen level as measured effectiveness.

The Biocrystal fabric is a multipurpose stress-relief layer produced on polyethersulfone (PES) base composition with Biocrystal Powder implemented by printing process with 176g/m2 weight and it is washable.

Minimum effort to implement

Whit its super-easy implementation, Biocrystal fabric requires minimum effort by manufacturer, requiring only to be inserted as the inner sewn layer, placed together with other layers of the end-product.

“Deciding to implement Biocrystal fabric layer into your product, you decide to offer your customers a much-needed stress-relief experience. This was our idea when creating Biocrystal fabric — to offer an easy yet provenly efficient way for manufacturers to upgrade their products, and respond to the most common problem of customers today — stress,” said Vesna Pavletic, CEO at BC Tech.

A webinar on new expectations from Bedding and Furniture industry

BC Tech is organizing a webinar on Wednesday, January 27 to discuss the new demands put in front of the bedding and furniture industry, considering increased stress problems and stress-relief demands coming from the customers. Register and find out how you can easily yet cost-effectively provide an anti-stress treatment through your products using Biocrystal solutions.

Posted January 20, 2021

Source: BC Tech