LYCRA® Anti-Slip Fiber Takes Center Stage At Kingpins24-Amsterdam

WILMINGTON, Del. — October 23, 2020 — The LYCRA Company will debut its newest denim innovation, LYCRA® Anti-Slip Fiber, this month during the Kingpins24-Amsterdam online event. Each day of the virtual expo will explore a different theme impacting the global denim industry — Inspiration (October 27), Innovation (October 28), Fibers and Raw Materials (October 29) and People and Social (October 30) — via live-streamed and on-demand panels, seminars and interviews. Kingpins is transitioning its denim tradeshow for the third time to an online format amid COVID-19 concerns. Previous events in April and September drew more than 4,000 live stream viewers and more than 38,000 on-demand content views.

Leaders from The Lycra Company will play key roles in the agenda. On October 28, newly appointed Chief Innovation Officer Steve Stewart will discuss the company’s innovation process. More than 100 PhDs at the company’s four state-of-the-art R&D labs are dedicated to developing innovative fiber, fabric and garment solutions for the apparel industry.

“Our innovation strategy identifies the stated and unstated needs of our consumers and customers, and is guided by proprietary research, trends and insights,” Stewart said. “We specifically look for pain points that can be solved with new or improved products or processes that add value. Our stretch technologies have revolutionized the textile and apparel industry and we continue to challenge ourselves to drive further product differentiation that helps to redefine the markets we compete in.”

Stewart will present LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber, a new denim seam slippage solution for applications in single-core spandex fabrics that require durable stretch and good recovery power. This patent-pending fiber helps maintain garment appearance wash after wash and wear after wear.

Using Lycra Anti-Slip fiber in the core of LYCRA dualFX® technology yarn further enhances anti-slippage performance. Combining Lycra Anti-Slip fiber and Lycra T400® fiber, meanwhile, delivers the high stretch of Lycra fiber with exceptional anti-slippage properties and the excellent recovery power of Lycra T400 fiber.

“Jeans are the most commonly returned garments purchased online,” Born said. “The majority of denim returns are style or fit related, which leads to consumer dissatisfaction with the quality or aesthetics of the product. Several of these issues can be linked to seam slippage. With LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber, consumers can have super stretch jeans that last longer, while maintaining the fit and shape.

On Oct. 29, Julien Born, chief commercial officer, and Jean Hegedus, sustainable business development director, will discuss how The Lycra Company designs technology solutions for the circular economy. Hegedus recently was appointed to her new role, which expands her sustainability responsibilities to further emphasize The Lycra Company’s commitment not only to sound Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, but to using Planet Agenda to drive competitive advantage and create value with customers.

Earlier this month, Hegedus was named to the 2020 Rivet 50 list of the most influential leaders in the global denim industry. The 35-year textile industry veteran has helped bring several notable innovations to market, including Lycra XFIT, Lycra dualFX, Lycra BEAUTY and Lycra EcoMade technologies.

“Garment durability is becoming more important to today’s conscious consumers who are committed to a more sustainable future,” Hegedus said. “At The Lycra Company, we are committed to developing products and technologies that enhance the performance of our customers’ offerings, while minimizing our environmental footprint and safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and communities.”

Posted October 23, 2020

Source: The Lycra Company