Seevix Material Sciences Synthetic SVX Spidersilk to Be Used In Filters To Neutralize COVID-19

JERUSALEM — May 11, 2020 — Seevix Material Sciences Ltd., which develops and manufactures synthetic SVX™ spidersilk, announced today that it plans to use its patented spidersilk technology to create disposable and safe filters with high entrapment and inactivation efficacy to neutralize COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. The filters will be based upon a specific peptide sequence that binds SARS-CoV-2 particles and which can be incorporated into SVX fibers, yielding thousands of virus-specific binding sites to immobilize viral particles and prevent their spread. The binding peptide can be quickly adapted to other viruses and mutating viral strains.

SVX fibers with the specific peptide sequence can be incorporated in textiles used in filters, used to coat the external surface of textiles, or form part of a protective insert to entrap and neutralize viruses and microbes.

SVX possesses a unique combination of strength, flexibility and low unit weight. Its nano-porous sponge-like structure enables the loading of disinfectants and crosslinking agents.

SVX is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Seevix manufactures SVX by means of a fermenter-based, sustainable, single-step biomimicry process, inducing the self-assembly of protein building blocks into nano-fibrils. SVX biodegrades in a controlled manner without generating toxic waste.

SVX’s strength, elasticity and chemical resilience make it extremely versatile with numerous applications for different industries. SVX can be used to coat or reinforce materials in industrial processes such as wet spinning, electrospinning, extrusion, and injection molding, and it also can be integrated into surface coatings, textiles, and solid materials. Rigorous testing has shown that when added to composite materials, SVX shows a dose response even at low percentages, significantly improving the mechanical properties of different materials such as polyurethane, latex and other thermoplastic polymers, without harming their elasticity.

“SVX can be woven into a protective physical filter that neutralizes coronaviruses,” said Seevix’s CEO Dr. Shlomzion Shen. “Seevix is currently developing several market-ready anti-COVID-19 applications and will soon be entering into discussions with potential strategic partners.”

Posted May 11, 2020

Source: Seevix Material Sciences Ltd.