University Hospitals, Cupron Collaborate To Provide Reusable Copper-Infused Masks To Caregivers

CLEVELAND — April 22, 2020 — University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland announced today the acquisition of 25,000 copper-infused reusable masks from Cupron Inc., a copper-based technology company that harnesses the unique properties of copper for healthcare, consumer, industrial, and military applications.

“UH is one of the first health systems in the country to be allotted shipment of this innovative product,” explained Dr. Daniel I Simon, UH chief clinical and scientific officer and president, UH Cleveland Medical Center. “This copper-infused fabric has been clinically validated to reduce the spread of hospital acquired infections such as C. Diff and MRSA. In utilizing the 25,000 Cupron masks for caregivers who are not treating COVID-19 positive patients, we can free up use of harder-to-obtain surgical masks and in some cases N95 masks.”

Cupron’s proprietary and patented copper technology is blended into the material’s fiber at a specific concentration, similar to inserting other additives, ensuring that their technology remains embedded for the life of the product. Even when repeatedly subjected to the industrial laundering process with high temperatures, high pH values, long cycles, and harsh chemicals, Cupron technology remains effective, rendering these reusable masks a viable solution for caregivers during this unprecedented time.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Cupron on this initiative,” said Dr. Willie Brien, UH chief medical and quality officer. “Through our use of these masks, we will help the company evaluate the clinical and economic effectiveness of deploying this technology in an environment not only taxed for material resources but in a go-forward health care environment where margins are thinning and supply chain efficiencies can help reduce costs while ensuring quality and safety remain intact. The copper technology contained in these masks kills certain germs and will aid in helping us keep our health care workers safe.”

The impact of Cupron’s copper-infused technology on healthcare-associated infections (HAI) has been peer-reviewed and published in several scientific journals. The reusable three-layer face mask is made from a blend of 55 percent cotton and 45 percent Cupron polyester. Cupron fibers are made by an industrial process called “melt extrusion” during which polymer is melted and Cupron Copper particles are added to the molten polymer and extruded into fibers and yarns. This process ensures uniform and consistent distribution of Cupron Copper throughout the fibers. Cupron Copper is physically and permanently embedded in the fibers and the copper and its activity lasts for the life of the linens. Masks can be laundered at home using hot water and regular home detergent, or by a commercial laundry service provider.

“We are privileged to be able to supply one of the largest health systems in Ohio with our innovative product during this pandemic event,” said Chris Andrews, Cupron CEO. “University Hospitals is a proven innovator in the health care industry and we look forward to the clinical feedback and shared learnings that arise from their use of our copper technology.”

Posted April 24, 2020

Source: Cupron Inc.