NILIT® Enriches Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, Publishes Formal Sustainability Business Strategy Based On Life Cycle Assessment

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel — July 30, 2019 — As a worldwide supplier of nylon 6,6, NILIT® has taken significant measures to strengthen its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) position over the last three years. The company has examined its products and manufacturing facilities, conducting complete Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). It also has ensured that company policies and procedures fully safeguard employees and the communities in which it operates while also protecting the planet and the people who inhabit it. Nilit has documented this commitment in a sustainability business strategy that has the full backing of its Board of Directors and leaders at its facilities around the world.

“Respect for the planet and people has always been a NILIT® core value,” says Ilan Melamed, NILIT’s general manager. “Our dedication to responsible operations has never been stronger. But, most important for our brands and retailers, this formal sustainability business strategy focuses our ongoing commitment to creating more sustainable products that will make possible the beautiful, high quality, socially and environmentally considerate apparel that today’s consumers demand.”

NILIT’s sustainability business strategy encompasses all aspects of its operations and adheres to NILIT Board of Directors guidance statements. The company’s focus is on:

  • Reducing its carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of water and other natural resources, and use of harmful chemicals and nonrenewable materials.
  • Accelerating the creation and commercialization of new products that are bio-based, biodegradable, and recycled.
  • Adhering to the highest standard with regard to ethical business practices while treating employees, customers, suppliers, and partners with courtesy and respect and choosing to partner with those who do the same.
  • Supporting sustainability education and charitable programs in the communities in which it operates.

In addition to implementing this sustainability business strategy in all of its global locations, Nilit will work closely with its supply chain partners to identify opportunities to enhance the sustainability of their products and procedures as well. This initiative will result in improved environmental, social, and ethical practices across the industry.

Some of the new initiatives Nilit has implemented as a result of the LCA are:

  • Moving to natural gas as the main source of energy at its largest manufacturing site;
  • Implementing BAT (Best Available Techniques) processes for reduction of emissions;
  • Recycling waste products including emulsions, oils, electrical supplies, manufactured products, and solvents;
  • Installing state-of-the-art water treatment systems;
  • Implementing policies to procure raw material from responsible vendors; and
  • Optimizing shipping and logistics to reduce the environmental impact of freight transport.

Product wise, NILIT is in the process of launching exciting new sustainable products in addition to its NILIT ECOCARE recycled yarn. These products among other things use recycled material, biomass feedstock, and decomposable ingredients. Plus, they use less energy, water and chemicals in manufacturing and downstream processing. NILIT will share news about these important new products with the textile and apparel market in the coming months.

Posted July 30, 2019

Source: NILIT®