Keeping Up With A Sustainable Lifestyle Through Riding On An Eco-Journey With TENCEL™

LENZING, Austria — May 7, 2019 — One year ago, Lenzing launched the all-new TENCEL™ brand in Paris, and what a year it has been for the brand. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability, Lenzing has made great progress towards establishing our new B2Me strategy, which has helped to enhance relationships with customers, brands and retailers, and engage more closely with a growing base of impassioned conscious consumers.

Building on the success in 2018, Lenzing will continue to strengthen the TENCEL brand, by leveraging and increasing consumer engagement and its co-branding portfolio. In January, Lenzing supported the “Make it Feel Right” campaign — an important awareness initiative for sustainable fashion. It also partnered with organizations for environmental preservation and support the Earth Day this year. To drive greater industry presence Lenzing opened a bespoke TENCEL Studio in Singapore in addition to collaborating with industry brands across fashion, home textile and sportswear.

“Last year was a special year for the TENCEL brand, and with widespread support from our partners and customers, we are proud to see the brand evolve in such a positive way. In 2019, we will strive to further collaborate and develop valuable relationships with our partners. Our products offer unparalleled sustainability and comfort, and continuing to provide these valuable features to our customers is a core focus of our brand this year,” said Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer, Lenzing Group.

Here’s an overview of the latest TENCEL brand stories:

  • TENCEL Supports All-New “Make it Feel Right” Campaign To Drive Greater Eco-Fibers Awareness
    • Launched in January, the “Make it Feel Right” campaign seeks to empower consumers to make more informed choices about the clothing they purchase, care for and dispose of. International organizations, brands and thought leaders from the industry have become supporters of the movement, spreading its message across global channels. The campaign is already having an impact and promises to outreach to more people throughout the year.
  • Bespoke TENCEL Studio Opens At Design Orchard In Singapore
    • Lenzing has partnered with the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore to launch the “Cocoon Space” within the innovative new hub for local fashion designers — Design Orchard. The area comprise of a TENCEL fabric library and TENCEL studio which will raise awareness about sustainable fashion design for the Singaporean fashion community.
  • AKEMI and TENCEL Announce Bold And Innovative Collaboration Paving The Way For The Future of Bedding
AKEMI has launched a new collaboration with TENCEL, showcased at a special premiere in Malaysia in April. TENCEL aims to deliver unparalleled comfort, look and moisture management to AKEMI’s high quality bedding. AKEMI claims it has long been inspired by TENCEL’s reputation for providing industry’s best renewable fibers and its status within the sustainable fiber movement in addition to superior quality, comfort and durability made TENCEL a natural choice for AKEMI.
  • Lenzing and Solvay Unveils Eco-Collaboration For New Sustainable Fabric
Solvay and Lenzing are partnering to create innovative new fabrics derived from the best of both company’s offerings. The new fabric has been created by layering TENCEL Active branded lyocell fibers with Solvay’s pioneering AMNI SOUL ECO® Fiber, which comprises a material that work together to enhance each other’s’ benefits, creating a material with unmatched thermal and moisture regulation, comfort and hygiene.
  • TENCEL Revealed Collaboration With Renowned Designer Giray Sepin At Istanbul Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
    • Giray Sepin’s Fall Winter 2019 offering in collaboration with TENCEL was unveiled at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, delivering the brand’s signature style with a focus on eco-fashion. The collection reimagines utilitarian garments in bold colorways with an impressive attention to detail.
  • TENCEL Enriches Homes And Interiors Offerings, Bringing REFIBRA™ To Heimtexil And Collaborating With Luxury Home Brand Whinny In China
    • TENCEL has begun venturing into the home & interior fiber development by bringing REFIBRA technology to Heimtexil and awarding their one of the first China premium brand partnership to luxury home textile brand Whinny. These developments addressed the industry’s need for further transparency and growing demand for sustainable products.
  • Why reDEW8 Does What It Does For Denim
    • TENCEL spoke to reDEW8 co-owner Peter Lantz about the brand’s mission to combat disposable, unsustainable fashion, and challenge the fast-fashion culture. Peter discusses how he is using this collaboration with TENCEL brand to motivate others to minimize the detrimental impact of fashion on the environment, encouraging shoppers to consider environment preservation and rethink the quality of fast-fashion garments and push for more industry transparency.
  • Why Girls Are Going Boyish When It Comes To Jeans?
    • Boyish Jeans’ Creative Director Jordan Nodarse chatted with TENCEL team to discuss Boyish Jeans’ origin story, latest and future projects, product concept, sustainability, current trends, and Jordan’s own denim journey, and most importantly, why they chose to use TENCEL branded fibers to produce their jeans.
  • TENCEL Launches Eco-Campaigns In Honor Of Earth Month 2019 in US And Taiwan
    • As part of Lenzing’s global environmental strategy, the company launched campaigns in key markets as a part of Earth Month this year. TENCEL collaborated with US-based NGO One Tree Planted on a new campaign entitled “From Trees, For Trees” through donating trees. It also launched its first green initiative “Green Taiwan, Green Earth” in Taiwan by partnering with Blue Magpie Tea, utilize technology and contractual farming system to protect local tea farms.

Posted May 7, 2019

Source:  TENCEL™