Warning Of Potentially Hazardous Life Jackets

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — March 8, 2019 — The following is a notification from Cal-June Inc. that the Model 601 and 603 life vests identified below may not be able to be donned properly.  This is due to a potential condition where the movable strap may be fused to the vest preventing proper donning. The life vests are typically sold for use on commercial vessels.

Name of Product:

  • JIM-BUOY Model 601 Adult Type 1 life jacket
  • JIM-BUOY Model 603 Child Type 1 life jacket


  • Cal-June Inc. of North Hollywood, Calif.


  • The movable strap may be fused to the vest, preventing proper donning.


  • Cal-June Inc. recommends that you stop using this product should this condition be encountered and replaced with a suitable alternative life jacket.

Cal-June Inc. highly recommends that JIM-BUOY Model 601 and Model 603 life jackets be inspected Immediately and Semi-Annually thereafter to ensure that the movable strap is not fused to the vest.

Posted March 8, 2019

Source: Cal-June Inc.

Posted March 8, 2019