IVL Making Great Strides Toward Establishing The Circular Economy  — Recognition With EcoVadis Gold Level 

BANGKOK, Thailand — January 29, 2019 — Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd. (IVL), a global chemical producer, has been constantly developing its sustainability performance and pursuing methods to improve itself. As a leader in the industry, IVL has been providing information of its business with transparency for many years to ensure that the company maintains the highest levels of corporate governance and transparency to its stakeholders, which is central to IVL’s philosophy.

The company strongly believes that to conduct a sustainable business, with excellent supply chain risk management and risk monitoring, is necessary for mitigating risks and preventing potential losses. IVL takes part each year in the EcoVadis assessment to evaluate its efforts in sustainable practices and help leading buyers who are engaging in sustainable development to protect the reputation of their brands, respond to increasing mandated regulations, find new innovative suppliers who possibly improve their efficiency resulting into greater profits.

EcoVadis is a prominent industry-leading monitoring platform that allows assessed companies to gain visibility and control of sustainability reporting across their business, drive improvements in their subsidiaries and assess their sustainable procurement. It aims to assist the public sector to become more transparent in their business practices and mitigate any risks that would harm the organization’s reputation and bottom line, as well as focus on dedicating themselves to lowering the impact on the Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. EcoVadis’ rating has been used widely amongst top customers and suppliers, helping them to access their information, leading to sustainable supply chain best practices.

In 2018, having well exceeded performances in lowering the company’s impact in the aforementioned four areas by implementing practical and comprehensive policies for its sustainable practices, IVL was recognized as one of the top 3% of suppliers evaluated by EcoVadis: Gold Level.

Posted February 1, 2019

Source: IVL