TFF Introduces Type 704 FR Yarns

BAD HERSFELD, Germany — November 1, 2018 — The Filament Factory GmbH (TFF) has introduced a new line of permanent flame-retardant (FR) polyester high tenacity multi filament yarns. The flame-retardant properties of the Type 704 FR yarns are achieved by the use of a halogen-free polymer additive. The additive is linked to the polymer by means of both physical and chemical bonds and is thus permanent and non-migrating.

“With this new development, we have made a breakthrough to increase the range of specialty yarns that we offer worldwide,” says Matthias Hess, managing director TFF.

The new product line is manufactured according to a newly developed process and allows variable adjustment of phosphor levels depending on the final end use requirements. TFF is currently the only manufacturer to offer this product. These new functional high-performance multi filament yarns offer strengths above 65 cN/tex (7.3 /denier) and free shrinkage values of less than 2.6 percent (180°C for 15 mins) can be achieved, allowing the production of textiles with special properties.

Because of the two-stage production process, the properties such as shrinkage, specific strength and elongation are extremely constant.

Thanks to its unique molecular structure, Type 704 FR yarns show significantly lower loss of strength compared to conventional flame-retardant polyester yarns, according to the company. Type 704 FR yarns provide lasting flame retardance and self-extinguishing behavior.
Unlike topically applied flame-retardant treatments, Type 704 FR yarns have inherent protection that does not wash off or degrade over time.

With the use of the new development Type 704 FR, TFF customers are able to achieve the fire classes M1, B1 / B2 as well as SE / NBR according to DIN75200 / FMVSS302. Areas of application for these new PET high-tenacity multi filament yarns are textile architecture, tents, silos, tarpaulins, automotive, printing and filter media, ventilation ducts and others.

The new yarn family is available in titers from 33 dtex (30 denier) up to 6600 dtex (6000 denier) and, if required, can also be offered as twisted yarns and spun-dyed yarn according to requirements.

It also is possible to supply the Type 704 FR yarns with low wick or AA type spin finishes.

Posted: November 13, 2018

Source: The Filament Factory