Helen M. Sahi Appointed Vice President, Global Corporate Sustainability, Of Unifi

GREENSBORO, N.C. — September 25, 2018 — Unifi Inc. today announced the appointment of Helen M. Sahi as vice president, global corporate sustainability, effective September 17, 2018.

“Helen’s background includes significant responsibility and success in the technical, strategic and partnership aspects of sustainability policies and initiatives, and her vast experiences will help drive Unifi’s sustainability strategy and key programs across our global operations,” said Richard Gerstein, executive vice president of global branded premium value-added products and chief marketing and innovation officer. “We look forward to Helen further developing our relationships with chief sustainability officers throughout the textile and apparel supply chain and advancing the use of sustainability metrics into our operations, product line management and innovation initiatives.”

Helen has nearly three decades of experience helping companies such as Avery Dennison Corp. and Bank of America set and achieve their sustainability strategies and goals. Throughout her career, Helen has built effective partnerships with external organizations and NGOs to support and advance their sustainability efforts.

“Unifi has a great sustainability story to tell, including the company’s Champions of Sustainability customer recognition program. Through their brand partnerships, Unifi’s REPREVE® has become the leading global branded recycled fiber with a goal of transforming 30 billion plastic bottles into fibers by 2022,” said Sahi.  “I have great respect for Unifi’s commitment to sustainable innovation and I am eager to start working closely with the team.”

In her role, Helen will lead, develop and drive the sustainability strategy and execution for Unifi, and will integrate sustainability into the everyday fabric of the company’s business. Helen’s responsibilities include ensuring that Unifi’s sustainability strategy and practices are aligned with the company’s business objectives, and that all sustainability efforts are evaluated through a robust set of metrics.

Posted September 25, 2018

Source: Unifi Inc.