New Look, Direction At Ampacet: Innovation, Global Support And Sustainability

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. — June 18, 2018 — Ampacet Corp. — a global provider of polymer materials, services and solutions — has announced a refreshed focus on innovation, expansion, global support and sustainability with the unveiling of a new logo, tagline and website to underscore the new direction.  
“We believe that a company should always be moving forward. This means that periodically we must reassess and realign and shift our priorities,” said Yves Carette, Ampacet president and CEO. “We are rebalancing to focus on color, special effects and advanced functional additives. We’re moving into more regions and increasing our presence in existing ones and we’re adding markets, including appliances, automotive, healthcare, 3-D printing and aerospace.”
The directional change is reflected in the new logo, tagline and website. The logo is a refinement of the old one, so it’s a nod to the past, but the graphics are strong, dynamic and modern. The three dots in the logo represent the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. 
“Our tagline, ‘Plastics Reimagined,’ signifies the future, as plastics move into new applications and become more sustainable than ever. While a future without plastics right now would be unimaginable, there are so many more ways to use plastics to make our lives safer, healthier and more fun,” adds Carette.
Websites need to be refreshed, too, and the site will provide additional details and specifications on Ampacet’s products and services, participation in trade shows, speaking e2ngagements and the latest news. 
Changes at Ampacet also include support teams rebuilt from the ground up to support customers globally. Multidisciplinary sales and technical teams at the company’s 24 facilities worldwide are working in concert to handle customers’ toughest challenges.
Lastly, Ampacet has developed a sustainability policy for the company, suppliers and  employees. The company is taking an active role in promoting the circular economy in the plastics industry, and encouraging suppliers to do the same. Ampacet team members will be participating in local recycling programs and projects, as well.
Posted June 19, 2018
Source: Ampacet