DOMO Chemicals’ Première at NPE 2018 Underlines Its Ambition In The U.S. Market

ORLANDO, Fla. — May 2, 2018 — For the first time, DOMO Chemicals, a Germany-based worldwide operating polyamide expert and material engineering company, will present at  NPE 2018, the plastics show which takes place in Orlando, May 7-11. DOMO shows its ambition on the US market, offering an extensive product portfolio.

Domo Chemicals, a global company forward looking in the U.S. market

Domo Chemicals showcases its capabilities in three business segments: Polymers, Engineering Plastics and Nylon Film. The strength of its full range offer on the U.S. market is its high and stable worldwide reputed product quality and expertise, its customized service, and its innovative drive.

Engineering Plastics

Domo Engineering Plastics US operates a production facility for engineered plastics compounds in Buford, Ga. Domo EP US is part of DOMO’s engineering plastics compounds production network with facilities in Germany, Italy, India and China. Domo’s local sales, customer service and technical service teams are dedicated to the NAFTA market, commercializing compounded engineering thermoplastics for automotive, oil and gas, sports & leisure, consumer goods and industrial applications. Products highlighted on the NPE are DOMAMID®, PA6 and PA66 based compounds developed for high fluidity, stiffness and aesthetic appeal, ECONAMID® PA6 and PA66 compounds, based on environmentally sustainable feedstock, offering a sustainable choice for many applications in a wide variety of markets and THERMEC™, compounds with enhanced performance at high temperatures.

Virgin polymers for all segments in the US plastics market

The DOMO Nylon & Intermediates division, based in Leuna, Germany, commercializes in the US its wide portfolio of PA 6 virgin resins with applications in engineering plastics, fibres & film extrusion. On the NPE 2018 new PA6 grades in all three segments are highlighted: DOMAMID H22, a new, ultra-low viscosity polyamide for the engineering plastics business, being a high-flow, easy processable virgin polymer, perfectly suited for highly filled compounds, and suitable for long glass fibres in regards to nearly all injection molding applications. DOMAMID H27 S05 targets the fiber business : a modified PA6 for BCF, which achieves 30% lower shrinkage during heat setting compared to average shrinkage in case of using standard PA6. For film extrusion, a new high viscosity range with DOMAMID H33, H36 and H40 is now available; either pure or in finished version (lubricated or lubricated and nucleated).

Domo Nylon Film

DOMO Nylon Film division (Cfp Flexible Packaging Spa, based in Cesano Maderno, Italy), is a specialist in high performing Nylon films (both be-axially oriented and cast non-oriented) for flexible packaging and other technical sectors, such as building insulation systems. The technical properties of FILMON® films enhance consumer products protection, extend their shelf life  and result in a more sustainable and profitable supply chain. With FILMON the most innovative packaging design solutions are possible in a range of applications including food, pharma, medical and other technical and industrial uses.

Posted May 2, 2018

Source: DOMO Chemicals GmbH