Supreme Corp. And VOLT Smart Yarns’ New Reflective Yarn Debuts At Première Vision Paris

HICKORY, N.C. — February 16, 2018 — Supreme Corp. and VOLT Smart Yarns, together with its partner JRC REFLEX, have developed and produced a specialty smart yarn that combines the patented processes of VOLT Smart Yarns and Coated Reflective Yarn (CRY®) to deliver a one-of-a-kind highly conductive and reflective smart yarn with capabilities to shape the future of fashion and technology. The new reflective Volt Smart Yarns was unveiled for the first time by JRC Reflex at Première Vision Paris, a global event for fashion and textile professionals held at the fashion capital of the world from February 12-15, 2018.

“Supreme Corporation’s partnership with JRC Reflex truly combines best-in-class reflective and conductive patented technologies to deliver a smart yarn that is pushing the capabilities of fashion and technology,” said Matt Kolmes, CEO, Supreme. “We are incredibly proud that the debut of our reflective Vlot Smart Yarns has helped lead the conversation about the future of fashion and technology at Première Vision Paris. Supreme Corporation and JRC Reflex continue to develop and advance high quality products that reflect its shared vision for the future of wearable technology and result in better experiences for users of wearable technology and sport textiles.”

Première Vision Paris is widely regarded as the leading exhibition to showcase the future of fashion through the lens of innovation. In February 2017, it added a new specialized exhibitor space called the Wearable Lab, an area entirely devoted to fashion and technology. Since last year, the Wearable Lab has expanded to become a 900-square-meter village that serves as a source of experimentation for the fashion industry. This year, CRY yarns and Volt Smart Yarns debuted its dual conductive and reflective smart yarn as one of the new products in the Wearable Lab.

The partnership between Supreme and JRC Reflex began in 2017, when Supreme was exploring ways to produce a smart yarn with reflective properties. Located in France, JRC Reflex is a manufacturer of retro reflective materials, including its patented reflective yarn division, CRY. CRY yarn has a polymide core that is covered with a coating that binds reflective glass microbeads to the yarn. In the combined Volt Smart Yarns and CRY yarn, the core is Volt’s Apache 2 yarn that consists of two insulated copper wires. The new core is then processed by JRC Reflex to create the world’s first reflective and conductive yarn. This yarn is mainly used in a flat bed knit process, producing conductivity for smart textiles and sportswear.

Posted February 16, 2018

Source: Supreme Corp.