Polygiene® And Sinterama® First To Launch 100-Percent Recycled Permanent Odor Control Technology At Fiber Level

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — May 8, 2017 — Polygiene has developed, together with Sinterama, a 100-percent recycled fiber “NEWLIFE” with Permanent Odor Control Technology as opposed to standard topical application in the yarn and fabric finishing stages. Featured in Sinterama’s Newlife™ range, the process offers customers a 100-percent post-consumer recycled, anti-bacterial yarns. As the yarn is treated at fiber-level it will bring considerable benefits to the customer in terms of odor control, easy care and longer lasting garments, and open opportunities for the two brands in important categories: workwear and the care-sector, with potential to develop into other categories as well.

Polygiene Permanent Odor Control™ — a silver chloride derived from recycled silver from electronic waste — inhibits and guards against the growth of odors arising from microbes such as bacteria and fungus. Bad smells develop when odor-causing bacteria settle into the fabric, mix with sweat and multiply. The treatment is permanent and products treated with Polygiene stay fresh and remain hygienic between washes, earning Polygiene’s tagline “Wear More. Wash Less®.”

Sinterama’s Newlife is a unique, complete and certified system of recycled polyester filament yarns coming from 100-percent post-consumer PET bottles sourced and processed into a polymer through a mechanical process and spun into yarn exclusively and entirely in Italy that is also 100-percent recyclable at the garment level. This whole process constitutes Sinterama’s proprietary High Tech Conversion Model (HTCM) which has become a benchmark in mechanical recycling.

Christian von Uthmann, Polygiene CEO said: “We’re excited to begin working with Sinterama as this will open new doors for us in categories where we see large growth potential. The care sector where we first started, as well as the corporate/workwear industry will both benefit as Polygiene treated fabrics will be capable of withstanding industrial level laundering. In addition, the shorter lead-times with the ability of pretreated fabrics to be stored and colored is an exceptional market advantage to an even wider audience.”

Guglielmo Fiocchi, Sinterama CEO said: “We are very proud of the cooperation with such an innovation leader as Polygiene. The agreement fits perfectly with the tradition and the strategy of Sinterama to develop and innovate constantly, giving our customers durable, healthy, green solutions, with additional features to delight the end user.”

This advancement will deliver a number of consumer benefits:

1.     Polygiene is a permanent treatment. It cannot be washed out however many washes and repeated wear it undergoes. However, a yarn’s outer surface is subject to abrasion. By adding Polygiene to the yarn fibers, the wear and tear damage is minimized, keeping treated garments odor free for the life of the fibers (in the garment).

2.     By treating the fibers, products can be washed at higher temperatures, a key benefit to the healthcare and workwear industry.

3.     Highlighting the companies shared recycled green stories and Polygiene’s wash less ethos, users of Newlife with Polygiene can expect to stay fresh irrespective of the washing temperature and number of times they have worn the garment.

Sinterama sees the application appealing to a number of sectors.  Matteo Soppera, Head of Product Marketing notes, “Marrying together Polygiene technology and Sinterama’s experience in recycled, high-tech polyester filament yarn, is a new concept for the textile market and will offer our customers improved performance.”

Posted May 8, 2017

Source: Polygiene