INVISTA To Expand Camden Nylon 6,6 Plant Capacity

INVISTA, Wichita, Kan., reports it will invest more than $65 million in new equipment for its Camden, N.J., facility to boost production of nylon 6,6 fiber. The investment will increase domestic capacity of high-tenacity fibers used in CORDURA® fabrics, as well as add bulked continuous filament and high-quality fiber products for airbag and industrial sewing thread applications.

“This investment is utilizing a combination of patented and proprietary technology with flexibility such as solution dyeing which enables increased innovation opportunities around fiber properties and performance and creates a strong platform for our future growth,” said Jeff Brown, executive vice president, Invista Performance Materials division.

“As Invista’s largest integrated nylon polymer and fiber producing facility, this site offers an ideal footprint for reinvesting in high performance solutions for the markets we serve,” said Brown.

May/June 2017