Bicomponent Staple Fiber Order For Oerlikon Neumag

NEUMUENSTER, Germany —  October 6, 2016 — Oerlikon Neumag received an order for a bicomponent staple fiber plant from a long-time regular customer in Italy. The order comprises of a plant for the production of sheath/core fibers made of polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene. Commissioning is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

“The investment is being made in the scope of a planned extension of our customer’s staple fiber production capacities,” explains Gerrit van Loenen, the staple fiber sales director responsible for this project. “As a total solution provider, we were able to convince our customer with our technology.”

Years of experience in bicomponent spinning

Oerlikon Neumag looks back on several years of experience in building bicomponent staple fiber plants. The first plant for this type of fiber was already put into operation in 1995. Oerlikon Neumag offers solutions for various fiber cross-sections including “sheath/core”, “side-by-side”, “island in the sea” as well as “orange type” and “trilobal”. The applications are manifold, covering self-crimping fibers, binding fibers, as well as super-micro fibers and hollow fibers.

The Oerlikon Neumag bicomponent staple fiber technology is characterized in particular by very robust nozzle packages, which do not have any expensive wearing parts, which in turn significantly reduces costs in this sector. The processing costs when cleaning the nozzle packages are kept to a minimum. In addition, there is also the possibility of a separate temperature control in the spinning beam for the two polymers. The quality and viscosity of the polymers can thus be adapted exactly according to process requirements.

Posted October 6, 2016

Source: Oerlikon Neumag