Hyosung Launches creora® Fresh

South Korea-based Hyosung Corp. recently launched creora® Fresh, an odor-neutralizing version of its spandex fiber. “In response to the continued growth of sports underwear, we have developed creora Fresh using our proprietary ingredient technology to chemically bond to substances that cause body odor and to neutralize them,” said CH Kim, president, Hyosung. “creora Fresh has been demonstrated with nylon and polyester fibers to last longer than traditional antimicrobial finishes.”

“Globally sports participation is on the rise as consumers continue to be concerned about wellness,” said Ria Stern, textiles global marketing director, Hyosung. “As a result, we see growth in demand for sports bras and underwear . … We also have developed this odor neutralizing technology in freshgear® polyester and MIPAN freshgear nylon.”

July/August 2016