ADNAS Partners With Palmetto, Techmer

Stony Brook, N.Y.-based Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (ADNAS) has introduced its DNA-based SigNature® T DNA technology to the man-made fiber market after partnering with Kingstree, S.C.-based Palmetto Synthetics and Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn. SigNature T DNA molecular tags were attached to Techmer PM polyester (PET) formulations. The custom-made, tagged material was then sent to Palmetto to be spun into polyester fiber, which was converted into fabrics for commercial and industrial applications. The initial collaboration produced 5 million pounds of tagged PET fiber, a quantity that will be scaled up to many millions of pounds over the next year, according to the companies.

“We have been a change agent for the cotton fiber market, by bringing certainty to a complex supply chain,” said Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO, ADNAS. “With our entry into synthetic fibers, Applied DNA Sciences is entering a market that is more than three-times larger than cotton, and is the basis of 60 percent of the global textile industry.”

“SigNature T DNA ensures traceability and transparency at every stage of the supply chain, with performance and strength delivered consistently,” said David Poston, President, Palmetto Synthetics.

“We are honored to be working with ADNAS and Techmer, and excited about the many benefits this partnership will bring to consumers and manufacturers.”

July/August 2016