Hyosung Launches New Creora® Fresh Spandex At Mode City

SEOUL — June 27, 2016 — Hyosung, the largest spandex producer in the world, will launch a new odor neutralizing spandex creora® Fresh at Mode City-Interfilière, to be held in Lyon France, July 9-11, 2016.

“In response to the continued growth of sports underwear, we have developed creora® Fresh using our proprietary ingredient technology to chemically bond to substances that cause body odor and to neutralize them. creora Fresh has been demonstrated with nylon and polyester fibers to last longer than traditional antimicrobial finishes” said Hyosung President Kim. “This technology will also enhance sportswear garment and fabric versatility by giving consumers added confidence.  It is the latest addition to our creora specialty spandex product portfolio and a demonstration of our commitment to excellence through innovation.”

“Globally sports participation is on the rise as consumers continue to be concerned about wellness,”  shared Ria Stern, Hyosung textiles global marketing director. “As a result we see growth in demand for sports bras and underwear. creora Fresh adds comfort, fit, and confidence for consumers. We also have developed this odor neutralizing technology in freshgear® polyester and MIPAN freshgear nylon. We have a number of brands interested as they want to move away from antimicrobial chemicals next to the skin. ”

Hyosung will promote latest fabrics and 2018 Trends for Intimate Apparel, Swimwear, and Active wear trends for:

  • creora Color+  dyeable  elastane for deeper darker colours without grin through
  • creora Black solution dyed black elastane for increased power without grin through
  • MIPAN Aqua X cool touch and moisture management nylon
  • MIPAN super micro denier nylon for soft sensual fabrics
  • Silky® polyester for silk like aesthetics with inherent moisture management
  • Freshgear polyester and MIPAN Freshgear nylon

Posted  June 27, 2016

Source: Hyosung