EuroFibers Appoints Gruschwitz As First Distributor Of Prisma® Shielded Dyneema® 

MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands — February 1, 2016 — EuroFibers BV announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Gruschwitz GmbH. The agreement is EuroFibers’ first direct distribution agreement in Prisma® Shielded Dyneema®. The two companies are well acquainted premium distributors of DSM Dyneema in Europe. Gruschwitz, located in South Germany, serves the German speaking countries and Eastern Europe as its sales area. Because of its knowledge of the market and its dense network, Gruschwitz is the partner of choice for EuroFibers to sell and brand Prisma® Shielded Dyneema® in these areas. The distribution agreement will take effect on February 1, 2016 with immediate benefits to customers and end users.

EuroFibers has a dedicated mission in offering smart fiber solutions that enhance features of High Performance Fibers like Dyneema®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran® and Zylon®. Marcel Alberts, Managing Director, says: “Appointing Gruschwitz as distributor of Prisma® Shielded Dyneema® forms part of the company’s strategy to focus on innovation and further build the Prisma® brand in- and outside Europe.” EuroFibers will continue to provide extensive technical support to all direct and indirect customers through its network of experts.

Ditmar Schultschik, Managing Director of Gruschwitz, is very excited about the agreement: “We have been premium distribution partner for uncoated Dyneema® in the German speaking and Eastern Europe countries for almost 5 years now. With the addition of Prisma® shielded Dyneema® to our current product range, we can now serve our customers even better.”

Posted February 1, 2016

Source: EuroFibers BV