Novozymes And Lenzing Cooperating To Create New Textiles

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — November 11, 2015 — Today, Novozymes and Lenzing AG announced a collaboration that has resulted in a unique method to maintain the superior look and feel of TENCEL® cotton blends. Known as Tencel CombiPolish®, the treatment ensures that the resulting textile is smooth and gentle – and that it continues to look great after wear and washing.

The Best Of Both Worlds
Tencel is the name of the lyocell fibers from Lenzing, the innovator of this new man-made cellulose fiber category. Lyocell is extracted from wood and resembles the quality of long staple cotton. Textiles made from Tencel are in general highly absorbent, soft, smooth and therefore friendly to the skin. When blending up to 50% Tencel with cotton, the result is a fabric with enhanced strength, sheen, and breathing properties.

Biopolishing is when enzymes remove the protruding fibers and dead cotton that causes cotton knits to look fuzzy and appear worn. The biopolishing enzymes can be applied during dyeing, avoiding an additional process step, saving time, water, and energy. The Tencel CombiPolish treatment is based on Novozymes’ patented process for biopolishing.

“Tencel is one of the most innovative and sustainable fibers available, and is of exceptional quality being silky-smooth and breathable,” says Christian Wieth, Novozymes’ Global Marketing Manager for Textile. “We are excited to work with Lenzing, a company with similar focus on sustainable innovation, and we are delighted that our enzymes can help Tencel stay looking and feeling great for longer.”

Quality That Stands Out
Consumers want natural and quality materials. With Tencel CombiPolish, textile manufacturers and retailers have high quality and innovative knitted textiles that stand out from mass-produced products. The companies will launch a marketing program to help identify knitted Tencel garments in the market that have used the unique biopolishing method.

Posted November 17, 2015

Source: Novozymes