Unifi Expands REPREVE® Global Availability and Product Offerings

GREENSBORO, N.C. — October 7, 2015 — Unifi Inc., through its subsidiary Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (UTSC), will expand global availability of REPREVE® recycled fiber with the assistance of Korteks, now a licensed manufacturer of Repreve in Turkey; and Sun Chemical, now a distributor of Repreve in Taiwan. These collaborations will greatly expand global distribution channels for Repreve, helping to shorten lead times and broaden options anywhere in the world customers do business. UTSC will also debut Repreve products with additional performance options at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics show in Shanghai, China.

Korteks, based in Turkey, is the largest European fully-integrated polyester continuous filament yarn manufacturer. Korteks will manufacture and sell Repreve recycled fiber in Turkey.

Established in 1957 and serving the fiber industry in Taiwan since 1970, Sun Chemical will be the only distributor of Repreve fiber in Taiwan and will work to meet the growing demand for Repreve in the area.

“Globally expanding our Repreve manufacturing capabilities highlights our commitment to the Repreve brand and allows us to better serve our customers worldwide,” said Roger Berrier, president and chief operating officer of Unifi Inc. “This expansion into new global markets underscores our dedication to remaining a leader in sustainable solutions and recycled products around the world.”

In addition to expanding global availability, Unifi continues to increase the versatility and offerings in Asia and Europe of its flagship product, Repreve, by combining more PVA performance benefits with sustainable options. UTSC will highlight several new product offerings at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics show, including Repreve with AUGUSTA® CL, which provides the natural look and feel of cotton and the superior performance of synthetics. UTSC will also debut a new, longer Repreve staple fiber that is ideal for wool blends; Repreve filament with cationic-dyeable and disperse-dyeable polyester blended for heather effects; and Repreve with REFLEXX®, a high stretch fiber for improved fit, comfort and performance. The company will continue to offer Repreve with SORBTEK®, a moisture-wicking management yarn, in both filament and staple fiber versions.

“We are focused on providing our customers with eco-friendly products with the added performance benefits that consumers expect in products they wear and use every day,” said Ed Wickes, president of UTSC. “Our goal is to be a global resource for our customers no matter where they choose to do business.”

Posted October 13, 2015

Source: Unifi