Americhem Unveils Its 2016-2017 Color Trends

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — Sept. 17, 2015 — Americhem Inc. — a producer of color and additive solutions for polymeric products — has released its 2016–2017 Color Trends comprised of six color palettes including: Rush Hour, Office Diligence, Casual Friday, Night Life, Welcome Distraction and Sunday Brunch. The color families were announced on September 10, at Americhem’s annual color trends course as part of Americhem U, an ongoing educational series for professionals in the synthetic fibers and plastics industries. This is the company’s seventh annual color trends forecast.

The color families, developed by a committee of color trend specialists, are forecasted to be popular in the coming years based on global influences, pop culture, design trends, technology and fashion-forward color predictions. In conjunction with a fashion design house in Milan, Italy, the groups of colors, in addition to textures, finishes and effects, are translated into seasonal design concepts, moods and lifestyles, each with a unique story to convey the emotions and context of the colors.

This year’s color families revolve around a common theme—a week in our everyday life.

  • Rush Hour — a bold palette highlighting abrupt chaotic reds with deep dark browns representing the hustle and bustle of a city going to work.
  • Office Diligence — neutral and dark, warm and traditional tones mixed with teals and bursts of color to represent an office environment that is making its way into the world around us.
  • Casual Friday — bright colors and achromatic hues remind us of the relaxed atmosphere that comes with the end of the work week.
  • Night Life — the dark, romantic accents of a candlelight dinner are blended with brushes of the night sky to symbolize the excitement of the week’s end.
  • Welcome Distraction — the freedom of the weekend is represented with bright colors that can be seen in street fairs, carnivals or a soothing afternoon in your garden.
  • Sunday Brunch — calming pastels represent the beginning of a relaxing day featuring softening “under the radar” colors that conclude the weekend.

“These colors will be at the forefront of product design and, therefore, at the leading edge of consumer preferences in the years to come,” stated Aubrey Barto, lead color trends specialist for Americhem. “They are appropriate for any industry interested in accenting their products with innovative and modern colors.”

Posted September 23, 2015

Source: Americhem