Teijin Begins Production And Sales Of Teijinconex® neo

TOKYO — August 19, 2015 — Teijin Corp. (Thailand) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Teijin Ltd., announced that it has begun producing Teijinconex® neo, a new type of highly heat-resistant and dyeable meta-aramid fiber, on the premises of Teijin (Thailand) in Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate, Ayutthaya, Thailand. Teijin is now the first company to ever to produce high-function, high-performance fibers in the ASEAN region.
The 2,200-tons-per-annum plant was built at a cost of around 4.5 billion yen ($36 million) and has begun operating with a workforce of 70 people. The site measures 22,985 square meters. Construction of the plant started in December 2013.
Teijinconex neo offers unsurpassed heat resistance and excellent dyeability that enable highly diversified solutions for the design and manufacture of protective apparel. Teijin’s production technologies assure that products are compliant with REACH and other environmental regulations directly out of the factory, without additional treatment.
Teijinconex neo will strengthen Teijin’s position and competitiveness in the emerging markets of Asia and other regions, where the demand for heat-resistant, flame-retardant high-performance materials is growing. Teijin expects to take a leading position in the global market for protective apparel, targeting sales of 20 billion yen ($160 million) by 2020.
“Teijin first began operating in Thailand in 1966 and now has seven group companies with 1,500 employees,” says Tadashi Sakata, president of Teijin Corp. (Thailand). “We are also expanding our automotive rubber materials business in Thailand and are shifting polyester fibers production to this market from Japan. Going forward, we will upgrade our production and processing capabilities for high-performance fibers by steadily introducing advanced technologies in Thailand, the hub of the ASEAN region.”
Teijin’s Teijinconex meta-aramid fiber, Twaron® and Technora® para-aramid fibers, Pyromex® flame-resistant fiber and Endumax® high-performance polyethylene have made significant contributions to the advancement of protective apparel over the decades. Today, strong demands exist in developed markets for protective clothing made with aramid fibers offering comfort, maneuverability and excellent dyeability, as well as high protection. In Asia and other emerging countries, rising standards for protective apparel are boosting the demand for Teijinconex and Teijinconex neo meta-aramid fibers in these markets as well.

Posted August 25, 2015

Source: Teijin Ltd.