Pharr Invests In Advanced Space Dye Technology To Support Supply Chain Partners

MCADENVILLE, N.C. — January 15, 2015 – Pharr Yarns, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of carpet yarns and high performance yarns, announced today that it has invested in innovative space dye technology for its McAdenville, N.C. facility to meet retailers’ and the consumer’s growing demand for sophisticated design options.
The equipment underscores Pharr’s $70 million capital investment strategy – deployed over the past decade – that is driving modernization and efficiency while ensuring superior production and value for its customers.
“Pharr’s new technology will allow us to provide a broader range of color and patterns to create distinctive atmospheres for residential and commercial spaces,” said Joe Rankin, vice president of Pharr’s Carpet Yarn division. “Just like a new spice can improve an old recipe in the kitchen, colors and patterns created with space dye technology enhance carpeting’s aesthetics in ways consumers have never imagined.”
The new space dye equipment made by Belmont Textile Machinery allows Pharr to achieve greater manufacturing efficiency while creating improved styling, versatility and color clarity. Space dyed yarns provide significant benefits to all of Pharr’s carpet manufacturing customers who have relied on Pharr’s expertise and technological superiority throughout the company’s 75-year history. Each of Pharr’s customers will now have the ability to differentiate their products in the market and maintain a leading-edge position in the design and manufacture of multi-color carpets.
“The new technology will maximize production flexibility resulting in more rapid product launches, improved manufacturing efficiencies and superior quality,” said Pharr Yarns Business Director Rich Pattinson. “This important investment is yet another demonstration of Pharr’s continuing commitment to our associates, communities and customers and we are excited to be featuring this technology at Domotex in Hanover, Germany later this week.”

Posted January 15, 2015

Source: Pharr Yarns