Rennovia, JM Davy Team To Promote Biobased Technology

Biobased chemical production process developer Rennovia Inc., Menlo Park, Calif. , and chemical process technologies developer and licensor Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies Ltd. (JM Davy), London, have partnered to develop, demonstrate and commercialize catalytic process technologies for biobased glucaric and adipic acid production. Using Rennovia’s catalytic aerobic oxidation technology to convert glucose to glucaric acid, and catalytic hydrogenation technology to convert glucaric acid to adipic acid, the companies aim to develop and jointly license a technology package to enable commercial-scale production of the two chemicals.

Adipic acid, traditionally derived from petroleum, is used in the production of nylon 6,6 fibers and engineering resins, polyesters, polyurethanes, and other applications. Rennovia’s technology, using renewable carbohydrate materials, enables production of adipic acid at 20- to 25-percent lower costs than petroleum-based adipic acid, with an 85-percent projected reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

“With their extensive experience developing and licensing catalytic process technologies across a wide range of biobased and petrochemical markets, Rennovia considers JM Davy an ideal development and licensing partner for our renewable glucaric acid and adipic acid products,” said Robert Wedinger, president and CEO, Rennovia. “We look forward to working with JM Davy to deliver technologies to the marketplace that are scalable, less capital-intensive, and cost-advantaged over current petrochemical processes.”

May/June 2014