Lenzing Reports TENCEL® Fiber Suitable For Flushable Wipes

Austria-based Lenzing AG reports its TENCEL® cellulose fiber in a short-cut type is suitable for use in flushable wipes. Flushability has become an important factor in hygiene and care products, as many nonflushable items are disposed of in a toilet, leading to blockages in sewer systems.
According to Lenzing, disposable wipes made using its biodegradable Tencel fiber are more tear-resistant than wipes made with traditional materials such as pulp and short-cut viscose. In addition, because Tencel is stronger than short-cut viscose, fewer fibers are needed to make a wipe of comparable quality; and using Tencel in the wipes reduces the need for binding agents.
“Quality does not, however, only mean enhanced service properties but also refers to the skin-friendly attributes of Tencel,” said Dieter Eichinger, Ph.D., Hytec market segment head, Lenzing. “The fiber has already demonstrated in tests that it is particularly well suited to sensitive skin. The exceptionally smooth surface of Tencel makes the fiber ideal for the skin and prevents skin irritations. For this reason, wipes of Tencel are particularly smooth and gentle on the skin.”
April 15, 2014