Oerlikon Barmag Debuts WINGS POY 1800

Oerlikon Barmag, Germany, a member of Switzerland-based OC Oerlikon Management AG’s Manmade Fibers segment, has introduced a new yarn winder in its Winding Integrated Godet Solution (WINGS) product line. The company reports the WINGS POY 1800 model offers 20-percent greater productivity than the previous-generation model while taking up no more space on the production floor.  

Oerlikon Barmag has sold some 14,000 WINGS POY units since their introduction in 2007. Yarns produced on the machine are suitable for tire cord, seat belts, technical textiles and apparel, among other applications.

“With Wings POY 1800, we are once again underscoring our technological leadership in the area of filament spinning. We will use this technology to sustainably bolster our market share of more than 40 percent in the manmade fiber machinery industry,” said Stefan Kross, CEO, Oerlikon’s Manmade Fibers segment.  “Unlike any other spinning products in the marketplace, WINGS delivers efficient and profitable filament production while supplying the highest level of yarn quality.”

Oerlikon Barmag’s new WINGS POY 1800 model yarn winder

January/February 2014