First Three PRIMO 200 E Units Sold To Austria

GROSSOSTHEIM, Germany — July 2013 — Having just launched the product in January, Automatik Plastics
Machinery has sold the first three units of its new Primo 200 E strand pelletizer model to Austrian
master batch manufacturer Gabriel-Chemie GmbH.

After a short test phase with a trial machine, Gabriel-Chemie found the decision easy: The
PRIMO 200 E delivered outstanding pelletizing quality and high levels of user-friendliness, while
its ease of handling for batch changing made cleaning and retooling much quicker, enabling
significant savings to be made in production. The PRIMO 200 E received further plaudits thanks to
its deposit-free cutting head design, compact size and low running noise.

Automatik Plastic Machinery’s Primo 200 E

Posted July 16, 2013

Source: Maag