The Merino Company Introduces Enciel – The First Ever Truly White Merino Fabric

MELBOURNE, Australia — January 20, 2012 — For years the wool and textile industries have been
trying to produce truly white merino yarn, fabrics and apparel. From the farms to the factories,
from breeding programmes and fibrecare regimes to yarn and fabric treatments, whiteness has been
sought but never achieved with great success.

In a world first, The Merino Company (TMC) is leading the way in textile innovation,
introducing Enciel — a revolutionary merino technology that not only achieves, but surpasses the
standards for whiteness and true colour reproduction.

TMC developed the SpectraWool™ process, a specialised treatment that has facilitated the
creation of fabrics that have reached a whiteness value of 161.48 on the CIE Gantz scale. This has
exceeded original expectations of reaching 155 and means TMC’s white wool is even whiter than
optically white cotton. While the industry norm is 131, TMC has moved 30points beyond that to
produce the whitest merino fabric the world has ever seen.

The advent of Enciel is great news for both the outdoor, sport and fashion industries,
offering pure white technical performance apparel and a significant advantage for true colour
reproduction. Enciel’s patented technology means merino wool can keep up with the latest trends,
giving apparel designers the freedom to pick the purest whites, the most delicate pastels or even
the most intense super brights.

Posted on February 1, 2012

Source: The Merino Company