Color-Fi Recycled Fiber Products Provide Third-Party Proof Of 94%+ Recycled Content

SUMTER, S.C. — Sept. 15, 2011 — Color-Fi, one of the leading producers of solution dyed polyester
fiber, announced today that it has received third-party validation of the recycled content claims
for its recycled fiber products from UL Environment, a global leader in environmental evaluation
and certification.

“This recent third-party validation of our recycled content claims is testament to Color-Fi’s
ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Mark Bennett, President and CEO.
“Recycled content is a key product feature for us. Having these environmental claims validated by
UL Environment will help set us apart from those products that include unsubstantiated claims of
recycled content.”

In operation since 1984, Color-Fi is one of  the largest North American producers of
solution-dyed polyester fiber, specializing in custom-made fibers for a wide range of demanding
applications in commercial, residential, and automotive industries. Applications include products
such as paint rollers, carpeting and other textiles.

In a marketplace with increasing skepticism over green claims, providing proof of recycled
content is essential. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) “Guides for the Use of
Environmental Marketing Claims”, clear, substantiated and specific environmental marketing claims
help ensure compliance with the Green Guides currently under review by the FTC.

The UL Environment claims validation process that Color-Fi underwent involved a review of
documents and an on-site audit of the manufacturing facility. UL Environment claims validations are
designed to give purchasers and consumers confidence in knowing that product claims are backed by
UL — the trusted leader in standards development, testing and compliance for more than a century.

Color-Fi is proud to have the following recycled content claims validated by UL Environment:

  • “Color-Fi PC contains a minimum of 95% post-consumer recycled content.”
  • “Color-Fi PI contains a minimum of 94% pre-consumer recycled content.”

Each year, Color-Fi processes over 50 million pounds of fiber. The polyester (PET) resin
Color-Fi uses is almost entirely sourced from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled

In addition to using recycled content in its fiber process, another environmental benefit is
realized through the pigmenting process, where the pigment is mixed directly with the raw materials
(PET).  As a result, no pigment wastewater is produced.  

Beyond the environmental considerations, customers choose Color-Fi products for other
benefits including cost-savings and the dyeing process.  Because Color-Fi’s products use
recycled materials, they cost less than comparable products made from virgin materials. In
addition, Color-Fi’s dyeing process, known as solution dyeing, has clear quality advantages.
Color-Fi adds pigment directly to the plastic resin so that the color remains uniformly vibrant
throughout the fiber for its life. 

To verify Color-Fi’s recycled content claims, visit UL Environment’s Database of Validated
and Certified Products,
and look up Color-Fi and recycled content.

Posted on September 20, 2011

Source: Color-Fi