Miroglio Partners With NatureWorks

Italy-based textile manufacturer Miroglio Group has signed an Ingeo™ Master License Agreement (MLA)
with Minnetonka, Minn.-based biopolymer producer NatureWorks LLC to offer Ingeo fiber as a raw
material and manufacture its own range of Ingeo yarns. Miroglio will develop and use the yarns
internally for a variety of textile applications, and will market and sell them globally to textile

Ingeo biopolymer is made entirely from renewable plant resources. Its production uses 65- to
77-percent fewer fossil fuel resources than traditional polymers and reduces greenhouse gas
emissions by 91 to 97 percent, according to NatureWorks.

“Signing our MLA with NatureWorks demonstrates our belief in Ingeo as a new material with a
bright future for us all,” said Stefano Cochis, commercial director, Miroglio. “It’s the essential
product of real difference that we can add to the wide range we offer customers today, and we know
we can leverage its unique message into the market and match the growing demand for better, more
responsible, low carbon footprint products that offer that point of difference today.”

November/December 2008