AWI Introduces MerinoCool™, MerinoFresh™

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) — the research, development and marketing organization of
Australia’s wool industry — has launched MerinoCool™ lightweight, woven year-round apparel fabric
weighing less than 165 grams per square meter. According to AWI, the fabric, made with yarns spun
using a new generation of fine Australian Merino wool, also offers a soft hand as well as good
drape properties. The company is targeting MerinoCool to the smart casual market in Italy, France,
Japan, Korea, India and China.

AWI also has introduced MerinoFresh™, a technology that permits woven apparel made from
Merino wool to be refreshed or cleaned by rinsing for three to four minutes in a domestic shower.
The process removes smog, dirt, common water-based stains, smoke and odors. Water-based stains that
are more infixed can generally be removed with a mild detergent solution.

Following rinsing, garments can be drip-dried at room temperature. Usually, the garments
need no ironing following cleaning.

The MerinoFresh manufacturing process involves the following: first, the base fabric is
stabilized to eliminate shrinkage; then the garment is sewn and made up using special techniques;
and lastly, the garment seams, creases, trims and accessories are permanently set.

November/December 2008