Huvis Licenses Ingeo™ For Korean Market

Minnetonka, Minn.-based biopolymer producer NatureWorks LLC has teamed with South Korea-based fiber
manufacturer Huvis to offer Ingeo™ branded biopolymer fiber products to the Korean market. Huvis
will offer a complete range of Ingeo staple fiber and filament products for such end-uses as
T-shirts, children’s wear, and bedding and upholstery fiberfill. The company expects Ingeo sales to
grow by 30 percent annually as end-uses grow to include apparel, activewear, home textiles,
nonwovens and automotive.

“Huvis understands the real dynamic of speciality fiber innovation and communication, making
this a natural fit, and we look forward to a strong partnership,” said Steve Davies, marketing
director, NatureWorks.

May/June 2008