DSM Unveils New Dyneema Purity® Biomedical Grade

The Netherlands-based DSM Dyneema has developed Dyneema Purity® TG dtex 25 TS180, a
smaller-diameter grade of the high-performance, ultrastrong polyethylene fiber for biomedical
applications that provides the same level of strength as existing grades.

Targeted for use in smaller, lower-profile biomedical implants for minimally invasive
surgical procedures that can reduce scarring and shorten recuperation times, the new ISO-certified
grade offers very high tensile strength as well as pliability, smoothness, fatigue and abrasion
resistance, and a low friction coefficient, according to the company.

“Today’s minimally invasive procedures demand new instruments, technologies and materials,
particularly thinner and smaller surgical devices and implants,” said Carina Snijder, business
manager medical. “DSM is playing an important role in developing and improving advanced materials
that allow medical device companies to develop more minimally invasive procedures. Building on our
success with Dyneema Purity in ultrastrong orthopedic implants, we are expanding our portfolio by
targeting cardiovascular applications, among others.”

May/June 2008