Americhem Offers Polymer Fiber Color Solutions

Americhem, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a custom color and additive masterbatch solutions specialist, has
introduced several new products for use in the polymer fiber industry.

New yellow dispersions that can replace heavy-metal colorants for nylon and polypropylene
also offer colorfastness comparable to traditional products, the company reports. A lower-cost,
high-performance Red 214 (NT) is suitable for mass tone. A carbon black using new X84 Technology
provides up to 30-percent loadings with minimal pack pressure rise.

Two new ultraviolet stabilizers for polypropylene include: X3-038, a 50-percent hindered
amine light stabilizer masterbatch, also available in a 60-percent concentration; and X3-038 LC, a
50-percent loaded masterbatch for applications such as residential carpet and upholstery.

May/June 2008